The List Of Soccer Players Known As A Gay

October 28, 2014


Although not widely publicized some football players also have a different sexual orientation, in this case as a Gay. Here we can inform some of the football players who had announced himself as a Gay.

1. Justin Fashanu
Fashanu was an English football player who has join so much football club in the United Kingdom. Among Norwich City (1978-1981). Nottingham Forest (1981-1982), Notts County (1982-1985) to Manchester City (1989) and Newcatsle United (1991).
In 1990 he made ​​a confession Exclusive in The Sun that he is a Gay. Fashanu committed suicide in 1998, in his message he said that he committed suicide because he do not want to bring shame to his friends and family.

2.Thomas Hitzlsperger
Hitzlsperger is a German national football player. He used to play as a midfielder. Hitzlsperger has played at club Aston Villa (2001-2005), VfB Stuttgart (2005-2010), Lazio (2010), West Ham United (2010-2011), VfL Wolfsburg (2011-2012) and the last at Everton (2012 to 2013 ). Hitzlsperger has also been capped 52 times by Germany made ​​6 goal. Hitzlsperger admits that he was gay in January 2014 and became the most popular football player who announced himself as a Gay.

3.Olivier Rouyer
Olivier Rouyer is the French national football player in years during the late 1970s and early 1980s. He played for the French national team in the FIFA World Cup of 1978. Rouyer played for AS Nancy (1973-1981), Strasbourg (1981-1984), Lyon (1984-1986). Rouyer was also the coach of AS Nancy (1991-1994) and Sion (1999). Olivier Rouyer announced he was gay when it was retired from the world of football.

4. Robbie Rogers
Robbie Rogers is a US national soccer player.  He is the only player who is still active playing that announced himself as a Gay.
Robbie Rogers last (and still) strengthening MLS soccer club LA Galaxy. Rogers also has strengthened the United States national team 18 times and has made 2 goals.



5 Tips How To Buy Real Madrid Tickets Online

October 28, 2014



Do you wish to watch live Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu? All football fans would want that, to go there and watch the planet’s biggest clubs playing. But wait, it’s not as easy as you might think. Ticket to watch Real Madrid at Bernabeu generally are not all sold to the public. These tickets are usually not easy to obtain.

Here we give you tips for buying a ticket online Real Madrid.


3 Reason Why Luis Suarez Fall In Love With Sofia Balbi

October 27, 2014

Luis Suarez Fall In Love With Sofia Balbi

Sofia Balbi is the wife of the Barcelona soccer star Luis Suarez. You probably already know that. But did you know that Luis Suarez is a man who is very loyal to Sofia Balbi. Below we convey the reasons why Luis Suarez loves the life partner.

1. Balbi met Suarez when he was not yet a star football
Suarez met Balbi 2001, when Suarez was still working as a street sweeper. The days in which Suarez collect coins he found while sweeping the streets for a date Balbi. That’s why Suarez would appreciate Balbi is willing to accept his love, although only as a street sweeper.

2. Family Balbi to accept Luis Suarez
Sofia Balbi came from middle class family in Montevideo Uruguay, while Suarez came from the lower classes. However Balbi family never despise Suarez and want to take it in their big family.

3. Sofia Balbi Is The Inspiration For Luis Suarez To Play Soccer in Europe
In 2003 the Balbi family moved to Spain, this is of course separate the love relationship between Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi. Luis Suarez then later determined to follow Balbi to Europe. With his skills playing football, Groningen, the Netherlands League clubs interested sign him and its  the beginning for Suarez to be a star player in Europe and of course can be reunited with the woman of his dreams Sofia Balbi.

Luis Suarez may have a bad attitude on the football. But as a man outside the football pitch he is a man who is faithful to his wife and family.


Wayne Rooney Wife On Bikini Style

October 27, 2014


While her husband was in the sentence and can not play for Manchester United, Coleen Roonye, wife of Wayne Rooney, went on holiday to Barbados with her son Kai.

Wayne Rooney of course, can not participate in this holiday, because despite being in a sentence Rooney still have to train with Manchester United.

Coleen Rooney was seen playing on the beach in Barbados wearing only a bikini. The Paparazzi are always faithfully follow wherever Coleen went certainly do not want to waste this opportunity and immediately photographed Coleen in a bikini.

Coleen Rooney looks also took his son Kai to play Jet Ski. They seemed to have fun in Barbados.


Ex Barcelona Keeper Victor Valdes To Join Manchester United

October 27, 2014

Ex Barcelona Keeper Victor Valdes To Join Manchester United

Former Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes is rumored to be soon signed a contract with Manchester United in the January transfer window later.

Valdes reportedly will be the second goalkeeper at Old Trafford to replace Anders Lindegaard.

After becoming a free transfer after his contract expired with Barcelona, Valdes suffered a ligament injury.

Valdes is eager to move to a club in England and Liverpool reportedly interested in taking it. But the last few weeks Valdes join to training with the Manchester teams.

Valdes caught on camera watching the game Manchester United against Chelsea at Old Trafford last weekend.